Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Algerian visas sent off

After much preparation, all the documentation required for the Algerian visas has been collected and the passports have been sent to the Algerian Consulate. Apart from the standard visas applications that we needed to complete, we had to get our invitation from Algeria arranged and letters of employment.

We now await in anticipation for our passports (and visas please!) to be returned.


Friday, 21 November 2008

November update

It has been many months since we last posted an update, so here we go! The main focus over the last few months has been getting an MOT on the Land Rover. Alex (and co.) have been working some crazy hours on the car, it is actually difficult to describe the amount of work that has gone on the Land Rover, but it is safe to say the number of hours spent on it are into the 100s.

All the work did pay off, because on Friday 14th November at 4pm it passed the MOT. It may have been missing a passenger seat at the time, but it passed without a single advisory note! We were quite thrilled really! On the car front, all that remains before it is 'Rally Ready' is for the passenger seat to be fitted and a fan to be wired up. Then it is final touches on the interior!

Apart from the car, the Algerian visas are being sorted out over the course of this week. These are clearly quite important, once we have these, the ferry crossing to Tunisia needs to be resolved and we are pretty much ready to do.

There will still be some other documentation, then there is fund raising and sponsorship that we are trying to sort out.

The main Rusty Rhinos website will also be updated in a few days with a new announcement, so watch this space.